Author weaves a new book that follows one man’s journey to New Eden

A new sci-fi book series awaits readers as author Favian Segovia releases the first installment in The Last Man? He invites readers to embark on this journey to the New Eden with the last man on Earth. What will happen to the world, as people know it? Can one man still bring hope despite the challenging circumstances that lie ahead? Readers will find out in the pages of Book One of “Journey to New Eden”.

A world war of greed and power pushes the governments into their own extinction. A virus outbreak targets men into a near extinction. A military driven by women search for surviving men in an attempt to control a world in ruins. All faith has been lost with no future and no hope. Only one secret place holds the answer to restore peace. One man is the key of hope.

A man out of the ashes rises forward in search for the last city called New Eden, in the hopes and desperation to re-establish humanity. But he has to find out the hard way the perils of being the last man.

This book is available online and can be purchased at online bookstores: Writers Republic, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Favian Segovia was born in Bravo, Mexico. He began writing in 2017, and he lives in Texas. Even though The Last Man? is his first novel, he found the path in writing to show his love for sci-fi. He is committed to be recognized as the best sci-fi adventure author one day. He wants to share his passion with the readers.




The Last Man?: Journey to New Eden – Book One
by Favian Segovia

Paperback: $9.99 | ISBN-13: 9798885362306
Hardback: $23.99 | ISBN-13: 9798885364362
EBook: $3.99 | ISBN-13: 9798885362313
Publication Date: August 26, 2022 | Pages: 132

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